Why Obama shafted Israel

Despite his protestations that his administration is a friend of Israel, his actions speak louder than his loudest words. When push came to shove, the UN got their way to put an end to Jewish settlements on the West Bank. Barack Obama could have stopped it, but he didn’t. Instead, he instructed our ambassador to that dubious body to abstain from voting, thus allowing the rest of the security council to have its way. The US might as well have voted for it.

The pundits on TV and radio are offering a myriad of suggestions as to why he perpetrated such an injustice upon such a strong ally in the Middle East and a democracy to boot. Simple. Donald J. Trump was elected as our next president and he has been slowly insinuating himself into the governmental process (as he should) and gathering power. This vote was the “in your face” parting shot of a sad little man trying to hold on to the last vestiges of power he sees slipping away. He wanted to make clear to Trump that “We only have one president at a time” and he’s IT.

To maintain his last little bit of power that will go away within the next month, he has taken away Israel’s means to bargain for peace and thrown a valued ally under the bus. However, he has elevated himself in the eyes of the Arab world, a world that wants to wipe Israel off the map. After he leaves office, I fully expect Obama to come clean and confess his true allegiances.



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