Pat her on the head and send her home

Last week, Hillary Clinton did it again. She leveled both barrels at anyone who didn’t vote for her by saying that if you didn’t vote for her, you must be a backwards racist, bigot, misogynist, or a combination of the three. She has denigrated her detractors in times past but never with such venom, ferocity, or stupidity all at one time.

It’s all about Hillary. Always has been. She hitched herself to Bill with the hope that he would make it big and she could follow in his footsteps. She did everything and anything with the presidency as her goal. In every photo op, she tried to look “presidential.” In short, she tried too hard and each time she came up dismally short.

Nothing she did ever gave the impression she respected the people she hoped to represent. Everything she said told us what was in her heart, especially when she called the rest of us, the great unwashed “deplorable.” And now she’s really put her foot in in.

But cut her a break. She’s old news, beaten and broken. She doesn’t know how to handle it. Say a prayer for her to find the peace she so desperately needs, pat her on the head, and send her home. Please.


Hillary…Go home

Hillary Clinton needs to retire, go home, and bake some cookies for Chelsea. Her recent comment about white women who voted against her made me shrug my shoulders with a “There she goes again” attitude. She really doesn’t know women. Most of the women I know are strong, independent thinkers who don’t vote one way or the other because their husband told them to.

Not all my friends are conservatives. I have some very liberal friends and I can respect that. But each and every one of them thinks for themselves and votes according to their own conscience, not their husband’s and they certainly don’t follow their boss’ orders in the voting booth.

Hillary, if you think so little of women, I’m glad you lost the election.

Illogical to be a liberal

St. Thomas Aquinas said God gave us two great gifts: Life and Free Will. Believers celebrate these gifts and allow for choosing the right. Liberals want everyone to do things THEIR WAY and take away choice. Therefore, it doesn’t logically follow that anyone can be both a believer and a liberal.

The Russians are coming!

After more than a year of looking behind curtains and under rugs, the dems still have not found any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Maybe, just maybe, there wasn’t any collusion. Oh, wait. There was, but it was between Hillary and the Russians. Do you think the dems will ever figure it out? Of course they will. They have. They’re just too chicken to do anything about it.