For God and Country

A Novena from Father Frank Pavone

Say this prayer for nine consecutive days so that we can overturn Roe vs. Wade.

God our Father, your Son Jesus spoke to us a message
of peace and taught us to live as brothers and sisters.

His message took form in the vision of our Founding Fathers, as they
fashioned a nation where all people might live as one.

This message lives on in our midst as a task for us today
and a promise for tomorrow.

We thank you, Father, for your blessings in the past,
and for all that, with your help, we must yet achieve.

Bless our nation and bless each of us. As we celebrate our independence, may we extend its blessings to our youngest brothers and sisters, the children in the womb.

Hasten the day when our nation will be a nation with liberty and justice,
not just for some, but for all, through Christ our Lord. Amen


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